10 best places to see the midnight sun in Europe in June



The midnight sun is an amazing natural phenomenon during summers in the Northern Hemisphere, where the sun remains visible at the local midnight time. Seeing the midnight sun is becoming increasingly popular among adventurers and nature lovers from around the world. From the arctic regions of Norway to the highlands of Scotland, Europe offers some great places to view this breathtaking natural phenomenon.

10 Best Places to See the Midnight Sun in Europe in June

1. Lofoten Islands, Norway – Situated off the coast of northwest Norway, the Lofoten Islands are one of the top spots to observe the midnight sun. Here, you can enjoy a range of activities such as fishing, kayaking, and hiking.

2. Northern Finland – The area surrounding the Arctic Circle in northern Finland provides ideal conditions to view the midnight sun. The area is renowned for its stunningly beautiful nature, and provides plenty of opportunities for exploring the outdoors.

3. Iceland – In the summer, Iceland is a popular spot to observe the midnight sun. While the midnight sun is visible in the capital city of Reykjavik, the best spots for viewing the phenomenon are the countryside areas around the country.

4. Bodø, Norway – Bodø is located in northern Norway and is one of the best places to observe the midnight sun. The city is right on the cusp of the Arctic Circle, so you can experience the full glory of the natural phenomenon.

5. Tromso, Norway – This city in northern Norway is renowned for its spectacular views of the midnight sun. You can also visit Husky Park, a dog sledding centre, and the Arctic Cathedral, one of the most iconic landmarks in Tromso.

6. Kirkenes, Norway – Kirkenes is located in the far north of Norway and is one of the best places to witness the midnight sun. Here, you can explore the wilderness of the Pasvik Valley, go on a cruise of the Barents Sea, and visit the historic Russian border.

7. The Highlands of Scotland – In the Scottish Highlands, the midnight sun can be seen from late May to early July. You can also experience a range of outdoor activities, such as hiking, cycling, and photography.

8. Alta, Norway – Alta is a small city in northern Norway that offers spectacular views of the midnight sun. You can also visit Alta Museum, an open-air museum that has the perfect conditions for viewing the phenomenon.

9. Lapland, Finland – Lapland, in northern Finland, offers some of the best places for viewing the midnight sun. In the summer, Lapland is awash with activities, from husky sledding tours to fishing trips.

10. Kangerlussuaq, Greenland – Kangerlussuaq is located in western Greenland, and offers extraordinary views of the midnight sun. You can explore the tundra landscape and experience the unique culture of the Inuit people.

Activities to Enjoy During the Midnight Sun

The best way to experience the midnight sun is to get out and explore the stunning natural landscapes of Europe. Here are a few activities you can enjoy while viewing the natural phenomenon:

  • Hiking and camping
  • Kayaking
  • Fishing
  • Cycling
  • Photography
  • Cruise in the Arctic Sea
  • Visit open-air museums
  • Explore the tundra landscape
  • Experience the culture of the Inuit people
  • Dog sledding tour


Viewing the midnight sun is an amazing experience that you will remember and treasure for a lifetime. From the highlands of Scotland to the arctic regions of Norway, Europe offers plenty of opportunities to witness this magnificent natural phenomenon.

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