10 best websites around the world about aurora borealis

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10 Best Websites Around the World About Aurora Borealis

The Aurora Borealis is a special phenomenon which can be witnessed in the sky at night, all around the world. This mesmerizing sight is the source of inspiration for many, and its beauty attracts hundreds of visitors each year. To get maximum knowledge about this natural phenomenon, there are several websites that provide in-depth information about it. Here are some of the best websites around the world about Aurora Borealis.

ESO Aurora Borealis

The European Southern Observatory (ESO) provides amazing facts and articles about the Aurora Borealis. The website is dedicated in helping people learn more about the mysterious northern lights. It also provides beautiful pictures and videos of the occurrences, along with facts about how this phenomenon comes into being. Additionally, the website gives information about the best sighting locations in countries around the world.

Aurora Borealis Forecast

The Aurora Borealis Forecast website is the perfect tool for experienced travelers. It has an interactive map which shows the locations where the northern lights will be seen according to current temperature and cloud cover. The website also allows users to configure their own custom forecasts by selecting specific date and time range. Additionally, it offers news and tips for aurora-viewing.

Boreal Lights

The Boreal Lights website is a great source for people to explore the Aurora Borealis. It provides information about the occurrence of the northern lights, along with information about the best time and places to view them. The website also offers tips on taking pictures of the lights, and it provides daily aurora forecasts.

  • Lightwatcher
  • Aurora Service
  • Aurora Watch
  • Soft Serve News
  • Northern Lights over Norway
  • Icelandic Met Office
  • Spaceweather
  • Canadian Space Agency
  • Swedish Institute of Space Physics

Apart from the websites mentioned above, there are many other websites that offer great information about Aurora Borealis. Lightwatcher and Aurora Service provide information about the northern lights and the best way to view them. Aurora Watch is another great website, which provides real-time aurora sighting reports. Soft Serve News offers plenty of facts and interesting articles about the Aurora Borealis. For people looking to witness the northern lights in Norway, the website Northern Lights over Norway is perfect for them. The Icelandic Met Office provides information about the Aurora Borealis in Iceland. Spaceweather is a great website for news and alerts about the Aurora Borealis. The Canadian Space Agency and the Swedish Institute of Space Physics provide detailed information about the occurrence of the northern lights.

These are some of the best websites around the world about the Aurora Borealis. Utilizing the information provided in these websites will help people become more aware about this natural phenomenon and enjoy its beauty to the fullest.

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