How to picture aurora borealis with an iphone ? Settings and techniques.

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How to Picture Aurora Borealis with an iPhone ? Settings and Techniques

It can be hard to capture an amazing shot of the Northern Lights with a phone camera. It’s not impossible though! With the right settings and techniques, even an iPhone can produce beautiful pictures of the Aurora Borealis. Here are some tips for how to photograph this natural wonder with your iPhone.

Find Your Spot

The first step in capturing an amazing photo of the Aurora Borealis is to find the perfect spot. The best place to view the Northern Lights is away from sources of light pollution. So, if you’re close to a large city, you’ll want to find a spot outside of the city limits and away from artificial lighting.

Make sure to plan your trip in advance and look for forecasts for clear skies and high visibility of the Aurora Borealis. It’s also important to check the weather and dress appropriately for the temperature.

Settings on iPhone

Once you’ve found the ideal spot, it’s time to adjust the settings on your iPhone. Start by opening up your Camera app and adjusting the exposure. Keep the exposure low, as the Northern Lights can be easily washed out if the exposure is too high.

Next, switch to Manual mode and turn off the flash. You’ll also want to bump up ISO, keep the shutter speed low, and make sure that you’re in the largest picture size available.

Additional Techniques

In order to capture the perfect shot of the Northern Lights with your iPhone, there are a few additional techniques you should use. First, make sure to use a tripod to keep your phone steady and keep your hand away from the lens. Second, you can experiment with different shutter speeds. Depending on how fast the Northern Lights are moving, you may need to increase or decrease the shutter speed. Finally, if possible, try to capture the reflection of the Aurora Borealis in a lake or other body of water.

  • Find your Spot – look for forecasts and clear skies
  • Settings on iPhone – adjust exposure, switch to Manual mode, turn off flash, increase ISO, keep shutter speed low
  • Additional Techniques – use a tripod, experiment with different shutter speeds, capture reflections

Capturing the Northern Lights with an iPhone is possible, but it takes a bit of planning and preparation. With the right settings and techniques, you can take stunning shots of the Aurora Borealis and create lasting memories.

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