Where and when to see northern lights in Alaska ?

Where to See Northern Lights in Alaska

The celebrated northern lights, or Aurora Borealis, can be seen in Alaska, offering an unforgettable experience that will remain with you for years to come. Alaska is a prime viewing spot for these mesmerizing and colorful lights, as the area is known for its clear night skies, long winter nights, and ease of viewing. Here, you can find out the best places to go and see the northern lights in Alaska.

When to View the Northern Lights

The best time for viewing the northern lights in Alaska is between late August and mid-April. During this time, you will have the best chance of spotting the northern lights in the clear night skies above. However, timing is key, as the northern lights may not be visible everyday. Generally, they can be seen most often on clear and dark nights.

Additionally, the lights are best observed between 10pm and 2am. This is because the sun has set by this time, making it easier for the eye to spot the lights. Furthermore, the further away you are from the city lights, the better your chances of spotting the northern lights.

What to Look Out For

When looking to the sky for the northern lights, you will want to focus on the star-filled areas. Generally, they will appear as a bright light dancing across the sky and will have an additional tint of a different color. Depending on the conditions, they could be faint or very bright. Here is a list of the colors you can expect to see:

  • Green: The most common color of the northern lights and usually the first color to be seen.
  • White, pink, and red: Appears later in the evening, and is generally the most visible color of the northern lights.
  • Violet or blue: These colors are usually the least visible and are only seen in very clear night skies.

The best places for viewing the northern lights in Alaska are Fairbanks, Anchorage, and Denali National Park. Fairbanks is the easiest place to view the lights, as it has the darkest skies, making it easier for the eye to spot them. Anchorage is the second best place to view the northern lights, as it is still relatively far away from the city lights. Last, Denali National Park has the best view of the lights. Here, you will not have the light pollution from the city, making it the ideal spot for chasing the northern lights.

Overall, Alaska is the perfect spot for viewing the mesmerizing northern lights. To see them, you should visit between late August and mid-April, and be sure to focus on the star-filled areas of the sky. You should also be ready for different hues, from green to white, pink, red, violet, and blue. The best viewing spots in Alaska are Fairbanks, Anchorage, and Denali National Park.

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