Is Iceland or Norway better for Northern Lights ?

Is Iceland or Norway Better for Northern Lights?

Have you ever dreamed of seeing the Northern Lights? This natural phenomenon is a breathtaking sight and has been an integral part of myths in many cultures. The best places to catch the show of aurora borealis are Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Iceland. But which of these locations is best for you? Is Iceland or Norway better for Northern Lights?


Norway is the ideal destination if you want to see the Northern Lights in spectacular settings, such as the Arctic Norway. You will find yourself surrounded by majestic scenery of fjords, mountains, and lakes. On the other hand, Iceland is home to more urban landscapes and stunning waterfalls. You can choose between the tranquility of rural parts or the buzz of urban areas.

Weather Conditions

Both Iceland and Norway experience cold and dark winters, which offer the best way to experience the Northern Lights. In both places, you can expect clear and cold weather during the winter months, making it perfect for stargazing. The only difference is that Iceland has frequent snowfall during this time, while Norway usually has clear skies.


When it comes to accessibility, Iceland has the advantage over Norway. You can easily access most of Iceland’s attractions, including the spectacular landscapes near the Northern Lights. On the other hand, Norway’s remote and rugged landscapes can be hard to access, making it more difficult to enjoy the views of the Northern Lights.

The best way to decide if Iceland or Norway is better for Northern Lights is to consider your location, weather conditions, and accessibility.

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